SAP R/3: SAPLPD Barcodes printing on any windows printer


The Barcode DLL R/3 prints barcodes on any windows graphical printer using its regular windows driver. 

A high speed SAP PCL Barcode implementation is also available.

Our Barcode DLL prints a huge selection of SAP R/3 Barcodes:


"Classic" linear Bar Codes 2D Barcodes
(Plus version only)
Code 39 (SAP Barcode ) Test QR Code  
Code 39 extended ( SAP Bar Code ) Test PDF 417 Test
Code 93  Test PDF 417 Micro Test
Code 93 extended Test PDF 417 Truncated Test
Code 128 Codeset A, B and C ( SAP Barcode) Test Datamatrix (ECC200) Test

UCC 128

Test Code 16K Test
EAN 128 Codeset A, B and C ( SAP Barcode ) Test Code 49 Test

EAN 8 ( SAP Bar Code )

Test Maxicode
EAN 13 ( SAP Bar Code ) Test
Code 2 out of 5 Industrial Test
Code 2 out of 5 Interleave ( SAP Bar Code ) Test
Code 2 out of 5 Matrix Test
German Postal Leitcode 11 and 13 Test
Codabar Test
UPC A Test
UPC E Test
ZIP Postnet ( SAP Barcode) Test
MSI Plessey Test


The BARCODE DLL is compatible with SAPLPD Version 2.10 and higher, which are supplied with SAP R/3 Releases 3.0, 3.1, 4.x and mySAP.

All barcodes can be rotated by 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

Please check out why our Barcode DLL has such a low "Total Cost of Ownership".


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